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Meet Amy Tongsiri

Dr. Amy Tongsiri

Dr. Amy Tongsiri has joined Smile Designers of Las Vegas in 2017. She has a joyous energy vibrating the room as she enters. Almost permanently smiling, she exudes positivity and can easily relaxed and soothe a nervous patient. The desire to pursue a career in dentistry came young for Dr. Tongsiri, during the course of her own dental health. "I originally wanted to do orthodontics, when I had braces,” she says, flashing the resulting perfect smile. “But eventually, I found General Dentistry to be more exciting because you are challenged by being able to cover everything."

Dr. Tongsiri is a Las Vegan through and through, not only hailing from here, but also earning her BA in Biology at UNLV, and her Doctorate of Dental Medicine (DMD) through UNLV’s renowned School of Dental Medicine. Searching for her next challenge after graduation in 2008, Dr. Tongsiri practiced in Nevada and Iowa before landing in the rustic capital of West Virginia, Charleston. It was during her tenure here, managing one of the state’s largest practices, that she fell in love with the feel of small town life.

However, the inexorable pull of the glittering desert drew her back home, where she returned to practice in 2010. “I really try to connect on a personal level with each patient; I love all my patients,” she enthuses. "I’m a relaxed clinician and I want to put them at ease. I want to see you come back every six months not just for dentistry, but so I can hear about your life, how your kids are doing, things like that."

Dr. Tongsiri met Dr. Duboff when she returned to teach at UNLV School of Dental Medicine. They remained in touch while practicing in different areas but finally decided to join forces. “I am so excited and happy for what our future brings,” says Dr. Tongsiri.

Amidst tending her the practice, and teaching at the UNLV School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Tongsiri has somehow found time to start a family. Her family includes her husband and her two sons. "It's a challenge to balance being a mother with being a dentist, especially because I'm really driven in my work. But, I believe anything is possible; you just have to work at it."

She laughs when asked about hobbies and interests, perhaps surprised by how much domesticity she manages to fit in around being a dentist par excellence. "This will sound funny,” she says smiling, “but I really like baking! Cupcakes, cookies; I like to make people happy, and those do exactly that.”She mentions a fondness for shooting, hitting the gym, and boxing with a personal trainer. And her tastes in music? Whispering shyly, she reveals, “I really like the modern country music. That started towards the end of my time in Charleston. I didn’t like it at first, but I was exposed to so much of it that I really started to like it."

Dr. Tongsiri unsurprisingly has been involved in numerous charitable efforts throughout her career. She is active in the South Nevada Dental Society’s community programs, and has been involved in events supporting the Make a Wish Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Race for the Cure, and the Three Square food bank.